[Sca-cooks] Another Madrigal Dinner (was plea to STOP IT! )

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Jan 23 18:22:51 PST 2007

Here was a description for a madrigal dinner in a local high school here 
in Michigan,

The catering person wrote. "We certainly have experience with medieval 
banquets as we
cater the madrigal dinner every year! The madrigal is a 5 course meal
served without the use of silverware so we serve things like "drinkable"
 soup, crusty rolls, crudites and dip in bread bowls (in place of
salad), entrees have ranged from turkey legs to pork tenderloin or
chicken breast medallions or Cornish hen - all served with a potato and
vegetable (like fingerling potatoes and asparagus spears)  Desserts are
generally a variety of mini pastries.  Our set up is actually quite
elegant with linen and china - not rustic like you would imagine in an
actual medieval hall, however, we can provide the setting you need.  The
meal is served to the table by wait staff who are actually choir
students dressed in costume as part of the entertainment.  Food service
staff work strictly behind the scenes.  Our charge for this meal
generally runs about  $15 per person which includes the cleaning fee for
linen and china service (but not wait staff as these are at no cost  in
this event)"

They raise money which is the point of these things and the students get 
to entertain
and sing songs.


>>>  Wassail Cuppe, Olde Engeland Fowle with Sause, Fressh Fruyt,
>>> Vegatebbles, Chese, Goldin Corrn on a Skewr, Broccolye Potage, Wedgs of
>>> Botata, White Rounde Bread, Fruyt Pastris, Sweet Tea, Watr.  It appears the
>>> criteria were misspelling.

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