[Sca-cooks] Another Madrigal Dinner (was plea to STOP IT! )

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 23 19:45:16 PST 2007

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< < < < <   The meal is served to the table by wait staff who are actually
students dressed in costume as part of the entertainment.  Food service
staff work strictly behind the scenes.  Our charge for this meal
generally runs about  $15 per person which includes the cleaning fee for
linen and china service (but not wait staff as these are at no cost  in
this event)"  > > > > >

I guess the wait staff are self-cleaning, then?  I love the idea of some
tunics for the serving staff.  They could have a box or chest in which to
store the things.  Man, now we get the simple grade seamtresses in the act
as well.  And the Barony had no idea I was organizing a rebellion in the
south :o)  They went and forgot we were down here, and now we're gonna be
makin' headlines when they aren't looking.

It actually turns out that there are probably eight SCA people down in our
part of the nether reaches of the state . . . betwixt and between any local
group metting sites.  I guess I'll have to unfoldthat kitchen tunic again,
and make that my pizza garb now!

I can see the medieval special of the week in my restaurant this Spring . .
. headline will read "Medieval goes mainstream in Grantville."  I guess I
should actually offer to help before getting too giddy, huh?

niccolo difrancesco . . . if they would have had pizza, they would have
eaten it.

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