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Wed Jan 24 11:48:49 PST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007 22:45 schrieb Joshua McCoy:
> Hi every one
> Hi every one!  I have a bit of an odd question to ask.  Before I ask my
> question I would like to give you all the premises of my question.  I am
> doing research on The Nights Templar for a history book that I will
> eventually have published.  So with me not knowing what to really ask my
> self questions wise to help guide my own research leads me in to my
> question that have for all of you.  My question is, what question do all of
> have that I can use to guide my self in the research on The Nights Templar
> which will be used to wright my history book that will be published?

You could start with looking at how they spelled themselves at different 

OK, now I've got that out of my system, I'll try to be helpful. First of all, 
know that you have let yourself in for something big. Writing a good history 
book is *hard*. Some people on this list have done it. Talk to them. 

When it comes to the Templars, one of the things I would do is try to get 
*away* from the whole Leigh/Baigent angle as far as you can. Whether they 
sailed to America, built Rosslin Chapel, guarded Mary Magdalene, practised 
Gnostic heresies or fought for gay rights is just not something that will 
earn you kudos from serious history buffs, let alone professionals. What 
there should be a market for is a book that answers the basic questions us 
SCAdians ask: 

- How did a Templar commanderie actually *work*? Who did what when and how to 
whom, and why? What did they eat, drink, wear, burn, write on, where did it 
come from?

- How rich were the Templars, really, where did their money come from and how 
did they spend it?

- If you joined the order, what could you expect? What did the life of the 
average Brother Knight look like? 

- Templars at war - does the myth hold up to scrutiny? Do they really win all 
those fights? What do the sources say?

- How did the Templars fit in? If you were a peasant, a burgher, a bishop or 
cardinal, a nobleman or king, how would you have seen the Templars? 

That's what I would try to look at. And I do not expect that you an find 
answers to all of these questions, or that there even are any. But if you 
find them I promise I'll pay real money to read them.


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