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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 24 15:35:49 PST 2007

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When it comes to the Templars, one of the things I would do is try to get
*away* from the whole Leigh/Baigent angle as far as you can. Whether they
sailed to America, built Rosslin Chapel, guarded Mary Magdalene, practised
Gnostic heresies or fought for gay rights is just not something that will
earn you kudos from serious history buffs, let alone professionals. What
there should be a market for is a book that answers the basic questions us
SCAdians ask:  > > > > > > > >

the recommendation I have to offer is to do whatever it takes to be able to
read and understand what primary texts are available.  Should you be able to
get your eyes on them, ignorance will deprive you of actual, real
information. Learn to read the languages.  Find out what the passable
secondary sources are . .. and what the serious and truly useful ones are.
The others won't matter so much.  Read everything you can get your hands on
about the subject.  Then read it again.  become so immersed in the subject
that you can quote chapter and verse . . . then you will be able to decide
where to advance or redirect the knowledge base.

If you are just looking for a new angle to rehash the information that
everyone else has already discovered and written about, then figure out how
to see everything differently than anyone else has already.  I want to read
something new and fresh about the topic that clarifies or dispels myths and
misunderstandings.  As someone said already, this VERY BROAD topic has
really been done over and over again, so finding the new perspective is the

niccolo difrancesco

PS if you have not done serious, scholarly writing and research before, that
is your first gaol.  Learn about journals and serious literature and how to
read and evaluate methodology and interpretation critically.  Learn about
probability theory and inferential and deductive reasoning.  Psychology,
sociology and anthropology are generally optional and have various levels of
usefulness in studying humanity.

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