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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Mon Jan 29 07:20:04 PST 2007

One of the biggest problems with this idea is the shipping and
associated hassle. The companies who send you steaks and what not have
a shipping system, and you pay a premium price for the meats sent.
Doing this to save money, I suspect, would be very counterproductive.
You're asking the person who does this for someone to go out and get
appropriate packaging (gas money), appropriate cooling materials (more
gas money), the food itself, then to package it in appropriate sized
containers (gotta be under 70 lbs for most carriers- also have size
restrictions) and haul all this to the appropriate carrier, where
they'd have to pay premium prices for overnight shipping.

In order to realize any savings at all, the cost of the meats would
likely have to be less than half of what the person wanting this done
would have to pay, and I suspect that prices don't vary THAT much from
state to state.

And, once we found areas where there were consistantly lower prices,
the people there would be the ones taking most of the burden of the
project, with those of us living in the more expensive areas receiving
most of the benefits- not a fair distribution of effort.

Now, if we were discussing somewhat more exotic items to be shipped
from Point A where it's common, to point B where it's hard to find, I
don't think any of us would mind finding a vendor in our area who does
all of the shipping, etc, and get people in contact with them. But
anything more than that makes the entire project more hassle than it's

And, of course, when you're talking the more common meats, it's easy
enough to buy an animal and butcher it yourself.

Now, some of this might work for Pennsic or other big events, where
materials get transferred via SCA Mail, but it would have to be an
agreement between two people or households in order to get the thing

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