[Sca-cooks] Dill pickles

Adele de Maisieres ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jan 29 14:01:48 PST 2007

Alexandria Doyle wrote:

>I tried looking at the flory-thing and saw some leads for cucumbers in
>general (Looks like we're adding some mint to the list so we can try the
>yogurt and mint cucumbers) but the link to picking was broken.

That's funny... I didn't have any trouble getting there.  

>Anyone have some leads to the pickling?  I figure we'll need to be
>purchasing seeds and such pretty soon to start our plants indoor, and wanted
>to make sure that the cucumbers, dill and mint were the only plants we
>needed to start.
As a matter of fact, Terese and I have a batch of this pickling in my 
fridge right now.

Plat, 1609)

You may take a gallon of faire water, and a pottle of veriuyce, and a 
pinte of
bay salt, and a handfull of greene Fennell or Dill:  boile it a little, and
when it is cold put it into a barrell, and then put your Cowcumbers into 
pickle, and you shall keepe them all the yeere."

A pottle is 4 pints, so the ratio of verjuice to water is 1:2.  When we 
made this, we upped this proportion a bit and used regular sea salt and 
fronds of fresh fennel liberated from a neigbour's garden.  It's been in 
the fridge for ten days or so, and it's quite delicious. 

Adele de Maisieres

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