[Sca-cooks] spit jack

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Mon Jan 29 15:47:51 PST 2007

Jacks are complicated pieces of equipment.
Ivan Day has some information on his page as he restores
them for sale. http://www.historicfood.com/roast2.htm
I am not certain if there are actual working plans for building one
from scratch. I've never come across a set. Jacks have been
something that I have taken pictures of for a number of years.
If and when we build and I get my actual hearth room with a working 
fireplace, I am going to
have a real working jack. I almost bought one last spring in anticipation
of this future fireplace, but I wasn't sure about getting it home.  I do 
suspect that you want
a spit that will operate in front of a banked vertical fire for baumkuchen.


terry l. ridder wrote:
> one of
> the members suggested that i not stop at just the spit and baumkuchen
> oven but also build a spit jack. i googled 'spit jack' and have looked
> at several examples of clockwork driven spit jacks. mainly photographs
> on historic food and colonial sites. given the knowledge of the few
> scaers i know i figure that scaers would be the group to ask about plans
> and the workings of clockwork driven spit jacks.
> the metalworking member's url concerning a spit jack:
> http://www.history.org/Foundation/journal/Autumn04/food.cfm

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