[Sca-cooks] white sauce?

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Wed Jan 31 07:50:22 PST 2007

well, estrella is on its way, and with the grey water 
disposal problem at the site, i am doing everything i can 
to avoid washing dishes.  that translates into grilling 
and boiling bags this year.

However, dear heart just scored about a dozen jars of 
hormel chipped beef for $1.20 each at walmart.  (yes 
indeedy, DANG good price!)  now he is wanting to know if i 
can do SOS for breakfast at war.   i see huge gooey cream 
sauce pots dancing around, refusing to get clean without 
copious amounts of water.

so the question is:  can you make and freeze white cream 
sauce successfully?  has any one tried?  if so, i can boil 
in bag it.


who already has the grey water problem solved for seige 
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