[Sca-cooks] Gourmets, banqueting and Jam

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 20:50:19 PDT 2007

    Talking about Olwen's 'noodle nests', re messages titled: 'noodled 
up' which sound so wonderful I thought you might get a good laugh out of 
this little antedocte. To brief you mi husband is a gourmet cook who 
lived in Paris 20 years but he relies on me as his partner, to work with 
him and do my Spanish thing and to pull him out jams with his cooking 
and he pulls me out of mine too. Also he is a party lover as I:
    Thank heavens, in my case with SCA Cooks, husband has decided not to 
listen, read or to try speak English anymore so he shall know nothing of 
the 'noodled up' conversations we are having for the moment cause last 
speech he gave at a banquet in English everyone cried at the end. I 
wasn't there but the speech was so sweet at least as he related in 
Spanish but he said over and over his English is so bad, so bad, so 
bad.  When he finished his discourse he looked up at his audience and 
all were crying. I did ask if they cried because of the content or was 
it cause his English is "so bad, so bad, so bad" :'( ???
    Of late we decided to have this little party with 30 people. He got 
so excited and made out his little list of guests and then looked at it 
and then looked up at me - panic - 'but Suey you have to invite your 
friends too!' he begged. I should invite too, no? Merrily we combined 
our little lists but he goes here and I go there and today we sat down 
with our "little" lists. We have invited 103 people! Thank heavens it is 
snow week here in Chile so only 70 have accepted so far. I think perhaps 
I might be a little snowed under as far as debating mi lil' noodles with 
y'all next week :-! !
    Could we discuss the etymology of my last name Lord? Shouldn't it be 

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