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>On Jul 15, 2007, at 12:23 PM, Diane & Micheal Reid wrote:
> >  Greetings
> >  I would agree with both Adamantius and Ranvaig the sprig be an added
> > attempt at decoration. Not my preferance for I fall on the lines of
> > garnishes should be part of the food not an extra additive. Always
> > feels
> > like some one trying to hide something when that happens.
> >  Cealian
>Now, of course, there are some dishes that just need to be hidden.
>Anybody ever get mortrews to look good? Maybe a mortrews of fish with
>saffron and candied lemon peel, I dunno...

But wouldn't that make it an essential part of the dish?  <gdr>

At one point in time one of my duties was apple swans, carved 
watermelons and other such fripperies.  But they were usually 
centerpieces on buffet lines, decor on appetizer trays etc.  It's 
what I get for working for a contract caterer in a museum.

But, garnishes on dinner plates had better be functional.  I think 
the sprig of parsley on the steak was designed to remind you that you 
were in a fancy place and overpaying for your dinner was acceptable.


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