[Sca-cooks] Foods for hot weather....

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Jul 18 08:20:14 PDT 2007

Speaking of humors I have sitting here but not read yet a copy
Passions and Tempers. A History of the Humours by Nora Arikha.
It's looks rather interesting and there is so little on the topic in 
terms of a modern history.
Here's the NYT review

I suspect that many at least in my area are busy sewing or constructing 
for the War. It starts in like 10 days.
It's Art Fair season in Ann Arbor so at least we had rain yesterday 
(first in July).
It's been so dry here that we've not mowed in a month.


> Greetings, everyone! The list is so quiet, I'm guessing we've all gone to ground, dealing with summer heat? or maybe it's pre-Pennsic panic? Here in Northern Artemisia, it's definitely the former and not the latter! We're breaking heat records right and left--I suppose I should be grateful it's a dry heat, huh?
> At any rate, when it gets *this* freaking hot, the last thing I find myself wanting to do is heat up the kitchen, so I got to thinking about summer foods, which led, of course, to me thinking about *historical* summer foods. Now, I can think of a couple of specific-to-a-season recipes in the Anonymous Andalusian cookbook, but I wondered if anyone's come across similar recipes in other cultures--foods to promote cooler humors, or summer foods, etc.?
> I'd like to have a small collection of them for my own use, and I think they'd make a neat article for my local newsletter....
> --Maire, surviving the smoke and the triple digits with copious amounts of salad and sekanjabin....
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