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There's an easy way to turn these recipes up--
Go to Doc's www.medievalcookery.com and search under summer

You'll find recipes like

Wether with pennyroyal in the summer. Add two handful of pennyroyal 
until it is cooked, and some bread crumbs. Temper with water of the 
broth, then cast it again in the pot. Eat it thus.
/*Wel ende edelike spijse*, C. Muusers (trans.).
Young chickens with raspeite (?) in the summer. Broil them in a pot in 
pieces (?). When they are halfway done, add enough wine and some water, 
and add grapes, pig fat and enough egg yolks./*Wel ende edelike spijse*, 
C. Muusers (trans.).

/Boiled Pigeons. When the pigeons are cooked, take fat broth, take six 
yolks of raw eggs, & beat them with white wine, then take a small 
handful of finely chopped parsley, & put therein the eggs, & when it 
starts to boil, drop the eggs therein, & remove from the fire, for fear 
so that it won't turn curdled, in the summer put cranes or egrets 
therein. /*Ouverture de Cuisine*, D. Myers (trans.)


In summer, which is from St. Urbanus' Day (25 May) to Our Lady's Day the 
first (8 September), you shall eat food that does not nourish you too 
much nor is too filling, such as goat meat, the meat of a young lamb, a 
suckling calf or a ram less than a year old, and young, small greens 
such as boiled penet or lettuce, and perhaps for vespers, if you want, 
you may eat raw lettuce with vinegar at that time. /This is an excerpt 
from *Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard*, G. Balestriere (trans.)
The original source can be found on Mark S. Harris' website 

/Pullets and chicks. Roasted; eaten with Cold Sage [Sauce]. In a pie; 
eaten with Green Verjuice [Sauce] in summer, or plain in winter. This is 
an excerpt from *Le Viandier de Taillevent*./The original source can be 
found on James Prescott's website 

/Johnnae /
> so I got to thinking about summer foods, which led, of course, to me thinking about *historical* summer foods. Now, I can think of a couple of specific-to-a-season recipes in the Anonymous Andalusian cookbook, but I wondered if anyone's come across similar recipes in other cultures--foods to promote cooler humors, or summer foods, etc.?
> I'd like to have a small collection of them for my own use, and I think they'd make a neat article for my local newsletter....
> --Maire, surviving the smoke and the triple digits with copious amounts of salad and sekanjabin....
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