[Sca-cooks] hot pan, cold oil ( was Re: ot help with soy...)

terry l. ridder terrylr at blauedonau.com
Sun Jul 22 21:43:46 PDT 2007

hello lothar;

i am with you. i have always cooked with hot pan
cold oil, and have never had food stick. the past
year i have been using my mother's cast iron cookware.
i have added some additional pieces of cast iron
cookware. the 12 inch cast iron dutch oven from
harbor freight for $15.95 usd was a bargain. i will
pick up another 12 inch and a 10 inch next month.

On Sun, 22 Jul 2007, Lawrence Bayne wrote:

> True or false is beside the point. I have 30 years of
> experience in professional kitchens and it is as I
> have posted. I can not state that it is this way for
> everybody, I can state unequivocably that is is
> FACTUAL for me and my experience.
> BB
> Lothar

terry l. ridder ><>

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