[Sca-cooks] hot pan, cold oil ( was Re: ot help with soy...)

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Mon Jul 23 08:28:40 PDT 2007

The website in question has a long paragragh that says "How do I know 
these are myths? Why should you believe me over someone who says that 
something I call a myth is in fact true? I can't answer that question 
for you but I can say that all of the information on this page has been 
carefully researched. I do not claim that something is true or false 
just because I heard it somewhere or because it seems to "makes sense." 
I require that something be backed by a credible source (the key word 
here is "credible") and/or that it be in accord with accepted scientific 
knowledge (I am a scientist by training). In most cases this is also 
backed up by my personal experience. I certainly do not claim to be 
infallible but I do try hard to present accurate, verifiable information."
and if you look at the paragraph on down that page Hot Pan, Cold Oil in 
Big Red Letters is labeled as False!!!

So I wrote that It's labeled as false at http://www.pgacon.com/KitchenMyths.htm 

I suggest you write the author of the website and tell him it should be 
"Maybe" or "True or False."

All I did was report what that website said and it reports it as False 
in big red letters.


Nick Sasso wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
>  From the site in question:
>> The idea is that you heat up the pan first then add the cold oil
>> and almost immediately add the food. This works of course, so it is
>> not a myth in that it is untrue. It is, however, false to think
>> that this is the only or the best way to prevent sticking.
> It goes on to describe other approaches, all leading up to their
> preferred optimal conditions, which might be described as "hot pan,
> hot oil". Which, for cooking, and not salads, makes sense.
> Adamantius  > > > > > >
> Seems that last part of the sentence/paragraph is kinda important to
> understanding the conclusions.  They aren't saying that the concept doesn't
> work . . . just that there are other methods to achieve same goal.  Diferent
> than the interpretation and assertion reported that the website calls our
> process "false".
> niccolo difrancesco

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