[Sca-cooks] hot pan, cold oil ( was Re: ot help with soy...)

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Mon Jul 23 08:41:32 PDT 2007

Perhaps you'd like to investigate more fully the two million websites 
that turn up
under hot pan cold oil in a search and report back in two or three years.
I listed just a sample after all. I did check some other books, but the 
whys weren't addressed.
Personally I think the information given by Cooks Illustrated is pretty good
and if you have a membership, you can of course read the full reports on 
all their tests
on the topic.


Nick Sasso wrote:
> How about a quaternary source at least? <yikes>  I susped that annecdatal
> info is quite sufficient for what the website creator was intending, but
> several of the entries are just supposition and distillation of info read
> from sources not cited.  Some are redactions of info from authroitative
> agencies, so, great for those.
> Useful enough for the casual cook, but for serious, empirical, obsessed
> folks like hang out here sometimes, the supporting info is a little thin to
> take all of it at face value.
> niccolo difrancesco

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