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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 24 05:47:46 PDT 2007

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Perhaps you'd like to investigate more fully the two million websites
that turn up under hot pan cold oil in a search and report back in two or
three years.
I listed just a sample after all. I did check some other books, but the
whys weren't addressed.
Personally I think the information given by Cooks Illustrated is pretty good
and if you have a membership, you can of course read the full reports on
all their tests
on the topic.

Johnnae  > > > > > > > >

Nah, just making sure that the information on the ones listed in discussion
is actually presented.  If that one website author quoted had used any ONE
other source on their discourse on oil and pans, then your above about
millions of sites would seem to be a more relevant issue.

Master A did a better job of getting his point across than I did . . . I
just tripped into another less graceful way of saying it.

As an aside, I have been a subscriber to Cooks Illustrated for some 7+
years, so I'm familiar, though not completely conversant, with their
materials and research.  I do not quote it here on the list without recent
familiarity with their subject matter and conclusions.

niccolo difrancesco

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