[Sca-Cooks] dazed and confused

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Tue Jul 24 06:47:24 PDT 2007

>  hello;
>  okay, sorry i did not make myself clear the first time.
>  many of the lists hosted by lists.ansteorra.org up until
>  sometime on 23 jul 2007, had publicly open archives. anyone
>  was able to read the list's archives. obviously they could
>  not post to the list without being a member.
>  the sca-cooks list was one such list. people who were not list
>  members were able to read the list's archives using their web
>  browsers. this was a nice feature in that it allowed a person
>  to read the list at their leisure and not have to receive
>  e-mails from the list.

Terry, what's the problem? You should be able to do that anyway. Just
sign up as a member, put yourself to "No Mail", and read away. All you
need to do is go through the password process.

>  the sudden shift in list policy raises questions as to why.
>  suddenly lists which have been publicly readable for years
>  are now suddenly member only.

Probably because Gunthar and/or Pug (I think Pug is overall admin of
Ansteorra Lists) decided that they wanted a bit more privacy. The
nature of SCA-Cooks is such that we tend to be on the cutting edge of
Medieval cookery discovery, and I suspect some folks might be tired of
having information out there in the Wide World before they can publish

>  i read the list via the list archives feature. i prefer the list
>  archives and the various viewing options over individual e-mails.
>  i have read sca-cooks far longer than i have been a member. i felt
>  no need to clutter the sca-cooks list with my noise.

Since I invited you over, I feel some responsibility. Please look at
my invitation as it was intended, an opportunity to learn more about
SCA and Medieval cookery, intended at that time to help you with a
specific project. Things change on the 'Net as you well know.

>  i was also able to bookmark specific msgs that i wanted to have
>  for reference. all those bookmarks are now useless because the
>  urls have all changed. i either have to edit hundreds of bookmarks
>  or abandon them. others who have booked mark sca-cook msgs will
>  find that the urls no longer work.

Unfortunately, this change is not to your convenience. There may,
however, be a way to work around it. With your 'Net savvy, I'm betting
you can figure a way to do it, and maybe tell the rest of us ;-)

>  many people who are not members of the list were reading it because
>  it was publicly readable by anyone. the information, community spirit,
>  and general sca awareness was reaching many people. now suddenly those
>  people find themselves being shut out unless they become list members.
>  the spirit of community was just flushed down the toilet when the list
>  archives were suddenly switched from publicly readable by anyone to
>  member only.

Umm, Terry, what you're looking at is the difference between being a
participant, and being a spectator. In SCA, we want participants,
we're not particularly interested in being "those people in the funny
clothes you can watch on the Ansteorrs channel". If we were, we'd do
Renn-Faires instead of SCA. The change actually brings these Lists
closer to our general philosophy.

>  why don't you climb down from your condescending throne and mingle the
>  the 'normal' people of the world.

>  --
>  terry l. ridder ><>

Terry, that was just plain rude, to someone who does not deserve it.
We, the members of SCA Cooks have built a very special thing here, and
Adamantius has been one of our prime builders. You don't quite
understand SCA, because you're not a member, but discourtesy of this
nature is to be strongly avoided. What you have done, is to walk into
someone else's forge, and not only tell them that they're pointing
their anvil the wrong way, but attempted to tell them that it's not
really a functional forge if it isn't pointed the way YOU prefer. I
suggest that you back off, rethink, and realize that the proper way
for someone's forge to be set up is the most convenient way for THEM
to work.

Saint Phlip

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Hit it hard
Repent as necessary.


It's the smith who makes the tools, not the tools which make the smith.

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Blessed be the self-righteous, for they shall inherit themselves.

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