[Sca-Cooks] Passwords-All Lists

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jul 24 16:03:48 PDT 2007

I've had problems recently.  Margaret has had problems recently (resolved by 
re-subscribing to the list).  After eliminating a number of possibiliities, 
I think it may be an issue with the way Mailman operates.  Mailman has exits 
for connecting to various archiving programs, so the security of the 
archives may also be internal to Mailman.  I was planning to look over the 
documentation and the current patches and features, but I haven't had the 
time.  Having some 25+ years of experience with maintaining and 
administering operating systems, I'm having a Chertoff gut check that we may 
be "benefitting" for recent "improvements" to the software.  I may be 
completely wrong, but it should be fun to go gremlin hunting.  Besides, it's 
practice on troubleshooting an unfamiliar OS.


> Greetings!
> While the password problem has been fixed on the
> SCA Cooks list...ALL the other lists seem to be
> similarly affcted.  Guess there's a "Gremlin" loose!
> By the way you are an awesome bunch...I never "browse"
> and come away without learning something...or being
> highly entertained!
> Aoife

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