[Sca-Cooks] Passwords-All Lists

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jul 24 16:54:51 PDT 2007

Since some of the non-restricted lists have had accessible archives in the 
past, the fact that all of the archives went to members-only suggests a 
default security reset.  While it may have been done by the sysadmin, 
experience suggests that a change like this without notice is usually the 
result of a patch that invoked the default settings.  I would suggest asking 
Gunthar to pass along the problem to the sysadmin or politely asking the 
sysadmin if this is a policy or a problem.

So, Gunthar, would you pass this little issue along to Pug or need we dare 
the wrath of Deus ex machina?


> of the 80 non-restricted lists
> there are 79 archives read by members only
> there  is  1 archives open to public
> the 1 list open to the public is
> Sca-Cooks:: Cooks within the SCA
> this only by the intervention of the list owner, Michael Gunter.
> terry l. ridder ><>

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