[Sca-Cooks] TI Reviewing was Pasties article in the new T.I.

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Jul 27 17:47:20 PDT 2007

Actually I think the new editor Doria Andrepont would actually welcome 
Write her and volunteer at TI Editor <tieditor at sca.org>
I learned awhile ago that It turns out that the peas article in the 
summer issue was reviewed by two laurels, one
of which was a laurel in cookery. They didn't catch the Catherine de 
Medici error or
that 1555 English famine mention.


David Friedman wrote:
> 1. Anyone competent at doing serious SCA research could have caught 
> that one--the author was perfectly open about what she had done, 
> starting with a description of how she encountered Cornish pasties 
> and liked them. It required zero specialized knowledge to realize the 
> combining a modern pastry crust with a 14th century mushroom pie and 
> shaping it like a Cornish pasty did not produce anything one had any 
> reason to think was period.
> 2. Long ago we were asked if we were willing to do referreeing on 
> recipes. No articles (One C.A. I think) came to us.
> 3. This T.I., at least, appears to have no letters column--just 
> letters from the people producing it.
> 4. I emailed the managing editor, because I know here; but I gather 
> from the T.I. that she turns into a pumpkin at the end of this month. 
> (Lagenaria not Cucurbita, of course).

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