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Fri Jul 27 19:53:10 PDT 2007

Johnnae quotes from:
"pasty" /An A-Z of Food and Drink/. Ed. John Ayto. OUP 2002. /Oxford
Reference Online/.

<<< In medieval English, it was generally applied
to a baked case containing only one main ingredient, which was typically
venison (in contrast to the /pie/, which commonly had a miscellaneous
mixture of ingredients)  >>>

Thank you. Apparently from the various quotes given in these various  
messages, it looks like there have been varying definitions of what  
is and is not a pasty through time.

I have several files on pies in the Florilegium. One of these,
meat-pies-msg    (144K)  4/20/05    Period meat pies. Recipes.

Is getting large enough that I need to split some of it off. I had  
considered breaking it apart between pies and the turnover type pies  
before, but some similar recipes are given in either format. I've  
already broken off the fruit-filled pies as:
fruit-pies-msg    (45K)  1/ 5/01    Period fruit pies. Recipes.  
Baking pies.

I think I will now split pasties-msg file out of the meat pie using  
the single main ingredient, baked in a turnover style definition  
given above.  I don't think I want to limit the file to just the  
venison ingredient because it would be too exclusive and most readers  
wouldn't know of that distinction.

Now I just need to figure out a good way to break apart pies-msg. :-)  
Long ago, it became discussions on medieval pies in general and info  
on the crusts of such pies specifically. But at 184K it is already  
bigger than I want and I've got about 300K of new material to add to  
the file.
pies-msg         (184K)  7/25/06    Period pie crusts, meat and fruit  

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