[Sca-Cooks] Pasties article in the new T.I.

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 30 06:26:29 PDT 2007

First, you can't publish without articles. And if all the T.I. gets 
are items of dubious quality, then they will probably have to publish 
said articles to make their pub date.

If folks want to see more historically accurate food articles, then 
folks need to write them and send them in. I know a number of people 
on this list have done so, both in the past and recently. But more 
folks than that need to put pen to paper...

Second, T.I. articles are not expected to be as detailed as C.A., but 
clearly those with an historical slant need to be a bit better. And i 
understand, from discussion on another list, that people affiliated 
with T.I. are working to put together a committee to review articles 
that purport to be historical for accuracy.

This was the new editing team's first issue and they might get 
better. I'm not holding my breath, but i'm also not going to make 
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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