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Fri Jun 1 10:59:39 PDT 2007

I think this would be a lot of fun.  In addition to musicians and
entertainment, it would be good to have several rounds of dancing and
dancing instruction between each course. Might also make for a fun 12th
night and include a gift giving time and a court to give food from the
previous course time to digest and the cooks a chance to finish the next
set of dishes.

Logistically a large kitchen and a team of cooks for each course would be
helpful and allow each team of cooks to enjoy some of the feast.  From a
food sanitation point, it would be important for the feast eaters to have
a clean set of dishes for each course or a chance to wash dishes as they
should be used for less than 2 hours at a time.

Rotating scullery crews would help keep the kitchen in good shape and make
for quick clean up at the end.

If it were a 2 day event, the travellers bag might be oriented to making a
nice breakfast for sunday morning.  For a really small feast, the
travelers bag might be packed into period baskets made by your resident
basket maker, with a locally woven or embroidered napkin or towel.


> I was thinking about doing a totally fancy feast. It would
> be very expensive, costing diners $20 - $25 probably.
> But it would be done in an all day, period fashion with
> courses brought out at various times with musicians
> and entertainment.
> The theme would be the Greek Gods with each course
> being dedicated to a god or group of gods.
> My thought would be to start with Aphrodite and have
> dishes of aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus, peaches, etc.
> The next course would be dedicated to Poseidon with
> the bounty of the sea. Grilled lobster, mussles, salmon,
> bacalo, maybe sea berry salad, frits de mere.
> Then would be the bounty of the land in praise of Demeter
> with breads, frumetty, leeks in almond milk, cakes and other
> vegetables.
> With this would be the praise of the hunt for Artemis with
> venison, wild boar and game birds.
> The final course would be for Dionysus with a flight of wines,
> grapes, fruit and digestives.
> Bags in honor of Apollo (god of travellers) containing dried meat,
> fruit, cheese and travel breads would be given as a parting gift.
> Each course would be preceeded with servants carrying ewers of
> warm rose-scented water and towels for hand washing.
> This would have to be pretty small and expensive, but I think there
> are enough folk that would find this groovy enough to pay the price.
> If I were to carry this theme to a more traditional SCA feast I would
> just have platters made with each dedicated to a different god. Combine
> the first and second then the third and fourth courses into one course
> and eliminate the wine. The dishes would also be far less expensive.
> Still, I think it is a fun idea.
> Gunthar
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