[Sca-cooks] Gastronomica on Spice Trade, Apicius and Martino

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Sat Jun 2 08:05:06 PDT 2007

Stefan li Rous wrote:

>Perhaps Lady Brighid can fill you in more on the Spanish manuscripts  
>which include New World foods. I don't remember if there are any New  
>World foods in her translation of Ruperto de Nola's 1529 "Libre del  
>Coch" or not, but she may be familiar with later manuscripts as well.
There are no New World foods in de Nola.  Granado (1599) has some, 
probably taken from the Italian, Scappi.  (Mistress Helewyse could tell 
you better than I what's in Scappi.)  Granado contains recipes for 
turkey and guinea pig, and possibly New World beans and squashes.  No 

I've seen some mid-18th century tomato recipes, but that's not helpful 
for this question.  In the absense of cookbooks, the answer might be 
found in household accounts, letters, and other records of daily living.


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