[Sca-cooks] Master Hroar is in the hospital

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 8 10:23:47 PDT 2007

Thank you for letting us know, here...
>> Adamantius
> Yes, definitely. He'd just emailed me a couple days ago about
> something we'd been discussing, but hadn't mentioned the angina. I'm
> very definitely wishing him (and Huette, of course) well.
Right now, I'm flurrying around trying to rally his local friends and 
prenties, to man his booth at the Known World Heraldic and Scribal 
Symposium, which starts in a week in the Los Angeles area.  This may not 
work. But I'm trying here because I care about Tim and Pat a lot, he 
worked so very hard to come up with documented goodies for the scribal 
audience in particular, and under the circumstances they certainly need 
the money.

If nothing else, we should be able to get his website updated to include 
the new scribal stuff and the wacky Penguin-shaped aquamanile that the 
household presented for Caid Coronation last week.  [very nearly 
on-topic, isn't it?]

Selene Colfox

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