[Sca-cooks] Goose Wars- OT for some

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Sun Jun 10 10:16:05 PDT 2007

On Sat, 9 Jun 2007 22:16:27 -0500
  Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> My mother had a peacock, presumably escaped from 
>someone's flock,  
> take up occasional residence on her property in a rural 
> I was close to going hunting for it with my crossbow. 

our neighbor has added two peacocks to the horse, cow, 
chickens, roosters and dogs.

i thought i was going to kill the roosters til he got the 
cow, and then the cow until he got the peacocks.

peacocks....  if they ever get in the yard,...


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