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I dated a guy in college who had grown up on a peafowl farm. He told me that if you raise a chick awayfrom the flock it will not have that very annoying screech, but if if it heard the screech even once and even from a human, it would start screeching itself.

I don't know if it's true (he _was_trying to impress me, after all;)) but it makes a good story.


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Daniel wrote:
<<< Mairi Ceilidh wrote:
Dang, Phlip.  Can I come live with you and be a gooseherd?  I can't wait
til I find a way to have something that lays eggs at our house.
I've been to her house!  I vote for peacocks.   Her neighbors would love
eacocks. >>>
Daniel, you're mean.
Those things are noisy!
My mother had a peacock, presumably escaped from someone's flock,  
ake up occasional residence on her property in a rural subdivision.  
 was close to going hunting for it with my crossbow. Either it was  
ever out there when I was, or it moved on before my mother got too  
esperate. Whether I used target or combat points was probably going  
o depend upon whether I thought I could skin and prep the skin as a  
east decoration or not.
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