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That's good to know, sweetie.  What a relief, huh?  Sounds like you've got
an awful lot on your plate right now, though, so don't forget that Huette
needs to take care of Huette, too! ;o)
--Maire, who thought of Phlip and her critters when she not only saw a
mallard hen crossing the road all by herself (dunno why...maybe to visit a
chicken), but also had someone riding their bike through her neighborhood,
with a very large, very white, and significantly noisy cockatiel-type bird
on his shoulder....

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> Hi!
> Hroar went into surgery today at 1 pm and came out at 7:30 pm.  According
to his doctors,
> everything went well.  The only variation that happened is that they did 4
by-passes instead
> of two and no angioplasties as we had originally been told.  This is
better in the long run.
> He is in recovery.  They plan on removing the ventilator at midnight.  He
had awakened
> briefly and seemed aware of his surroundings.  They plan on keeping him
pretty doped up
> for tonight.  Hroar has come through it and is doing as well as can be
expected.  That is
> all that I can ask for now.
> Huette

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