[Sca-cooks] Seige Cooking May War

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 12 08:29:55 PDT 2007

Maggie MacD. wrote:
> At 11:58 PM 6/11/2007,Bj Jane Tremaine said something like:
>> We got best period use of supplies, and a lot of fun.  I can not remember
>> the name of the team who took both best presentation and first place, but
>> they had 2 cooks and were well deserving.
>> My favoret reciepe is the chicken in a cream sauce. We are going to use in a
>> future repast for the College of St Isadore. (San Diego State College)
>> Jana Aoibeall
>> CAID, Calafia, Blacken Pot and Drafn
Dang that was good. 
> The team that took best presentation and first place was Dragon and the 
> Fair Maidens, using four cooks, one of which also scribed.
> We are SO having full time scribes next time.
> We did 21 dishes, and I can get a list of it later.
> The contest was also judged by our own Dame Selene, who we dutifully kept 
> far far FAR away from our kitchen and preparations (as she was hosted in my 
> household's camp).
Me, and five other people.  I could not have thrown you the win if I 
wanted to.
> Baron David of Calafia is putting together a cook book that comprises all 
> the recipes presented in the siege cookoff, as there were way too many 
> wonderful dishes to even start to list.
That is good because there are several dishes that I want to make and 
not have to share.  BWAHAHA, IT WILL ALL BE MINE!  Um, yum.


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