[Sca-cooks] Potjies

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 08:53:26 PDT 2007

Michael Gunter wrote:
> I got a three-legged and round bottomed pot. The round bottom
> hasn't been opened yet but I roasted a chicken in the legged pot
> and it worked great. There are a couple of disadvantages from my
> modern dutch oven. One is that the top is a little narrow so getting
> the chicken in was a little cumbersome. 

As I understand it, there is a reason for this shaping.  It steers the 
steam to the center top and condenses on the inside, effectively 
self-basting the contents.  Next time I roast a chicken in one I will 
probably install a hook with which to lift out the birdie without having 
to put my hands in the roasting hot pot in order to get a grip.

Steering out of period a little:  I bet that the popular Beer Can 
Chicken would work great in a potjie.


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