[Sca-cooks] Soap Stone

Daniel Phelps phelpsd at gate.net
Sun Jun 17 11:03:33 PDT 2007

Checked one of my European sources "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Minerals
and Rocks" by Dr. Jifi Kourfimsky.  Per that:

"Talc received its name from the Arabic language.  The name of the compact
to massive variety--steatite, is of Greek origin.   It was a familiar
mineral long ago.  The so-called potstone (mixture of talc and chlorites)
was chiefly used in the past for the manufacture of pots; the attractive
coloured varieties of talc have always been a popular for making ornamental


"Steatite (soapstone) frequently forms part of schistose rocks."


"Europe's largest deposits are in Italy and Austria.  Talc is today chiefly
used as a heat resisting raw material. for instance in the manufacture of
fire-resistant ceramic material."


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