[Sca-cooks] Obleys, wafers, etc

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 16:19:34 PDT 2007

Master Adamtius and Elsie Fleming, I thank you so much for your latest 
contribution to this muddle of mine. That is beautiful what you just 
wrote Elsie about nieules! I am so excited! Hope will be pleased to know 
that I have reviewed today a few more of my files but might not be so 
pleased that I have come to the conclusion that wafers are like plants 
in that this is the title of a family name in English while in Spanish 
and French the family name still is obleys because in Spanish at least 
we have no name for wafers. Within that family wafers/obleys we have the 
species wafers, obleys, barquillos, nieules, chauds and other small cakes.
    Austin in his Glossary and Index says Obleies and their various 
spellings are a wafer cake. . . sweetened. . . that serves for the 
bottoms of  Tartes and March-panes which concurs with Nolas nieules but 
Austin worries me because his gives page numbers for obley recipes which 
do not concur with page numbers in The Fifteenth Century Cookery for 
wafer references so I still have sticky differences in defining these 
species. Why did Johnna have to go away? Where is our Lady Brighid? 
Thank heavens the rest of you are around to help me as you can!
    Interesting your comment Elsie on barquillos because Covarrubias 
cites obleys as a very thin pastry made in the form of a rectangle as 
clothes covering the coffin of the dead. Barquillos he goes to say are 
twisted obleys. Humm I always thought my buddy Ned IV of England 
fattened himself on round wafers. Do we have country differences here 
cause the French have cornets?

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