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> Just testing to see if this thing was on - Kiri is here and asking if there
> was any news about Hroar?
> Christianna

Here is my update from today:

Hroar keeps looking better and better every day. Although he did show me a massive bruise from
where they did the angiogram. It was more than a week ago and he has this massive bruise on his
thigh/groin. It has to be about 10 inches in diameter and still dark dark purple.

They did take out his chest tube today! Yay! He is now able to walk about unhindered. He took two
walks with his physical therapist and two with me! Yay!

They have tentatively told him that he _may_ go home on Friday or Saturday. Yay! A lot will depend
on his fluid retention and output. But they seem optimistic.

I really have _no_ respect for the nutrition department of this hospital. First off, finally,
after a week of complaining, they _finally_ have gotten the idea that rice isn't good for a
diabetic. So what did they substitute for the rice? Angel Food Cake. I kid you not. And not one
that was made with Splenda either. Have they no idea what a diabetic is supposed to eat?

Anyway, a nutritionist came while I was there today to "counsel" Hroar about what foods he can
have on his salt-free, sugar-free diet. [She said that she wasn't associated with the kitchen.
Although I wonder about that.] She went directly to him with several brochures and went into a
practiced speech about what he couldn't and could have. She looked at him directly and totally
ignored me. I introduced myself and told her that I was the one that would be cooking for him, as
I was his wife. She looked at me for a fraction of a second and went back to looking at and
talking to him. She left before any more questions could be asked. Sigh.


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