[Sca-cooks] Medieval Chili

Vitaliano Vincenzi vitaliano at shanelambert.com
Tue Jun 19 12:53:57 PDT 2007

No, dang it, I demand an apology - my brain hurts now. :)

Not sure which article you are referring to - I posted a link to 
something but don't think it was from an article but an excerpt from a 
book, or am I wrong?

Susan Fox wrote:
>> Dang it, you people make me think too much. :(
> If you think we're gonna APOLOGIZE for that, you've got another thing 
> coming! 
> I'd like to look at that article.  The magazine might be available in 
> stores still, you think?  The diffusion of the chili pepper is only one 
> of many New World foods that got "naturalized" in the Old World.  It's 
> hard to think of Hungarian cookery before Paprika, or England before 
> chips, tomato or spam.  <grin>

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