[Sca-cooks] Medieval Chili

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 19 13:01:47 PDT 2007

Vitaliano Vincenzi wrote:
> No, dang it, I demand an apology - my brain hurts now. :)
<meekly> i'm sowwy. <grin>
> Not sure which article you are referring to - I posted a link to 
> something but don't think it was from an article but an excerpt from a 
> book, or am I wrong?
It was an article from the May GASTRONOMICA when I looked an hour ago. 
Still wanna read it.

Spring 2007, Vol. 7, No. 2, Pages 35-43
Posted online on May 22, 2007.
The Medieval Spice Trade and the Diffusion of the Chile
clifford a. wright ‌


So maybe we need to find 16th Century recipes including chili peppers, 
straight off Columbus' boat.


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