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Wed Jun 20 06:30:19 PDT 2007

I have recently discovered that the appliances in the kitchen I was to use  
for an upcoming feast is non-existent.  The kitchen was closed two years  ago 
and while we have use of the space, none of the appliances work.   Usually this 
wouldn't be an issue, as improvising is one of my strong  points.  However, 
this time it's a little different in the fact that the  feast has been promoted 
as a feast of illusions (subtleties) to go with our  Lugh event title.  The 
whole idea around this event has been dissolving  around us do to site issues 
and I seriously want to salvage my feast.   Instead of feeling deflated about 
the whole thing, I'm trying to figure out how  to make this work.  My feast is 
3 weeks away.
This is a one-day event with a lunch feast.  The need for a lot of  precook 
has become a necessity.  But the one dish that I'm wanting to  salvage if at 
all possible is the meat pie which is the main dish of the whole  feast.  I have 
Baronial members already working on the banners of the Peers  of our group 
for this presentation and I'd hate to have to change it.   Originally I had 
planned to use cookie tins for the pie instead of standard pie  shells, this would 
look more like a tower wall.  Now that a lot of this is  having to be done 
ahead of time, it would also help with transporting to  site.  Here is a link to 
the dish I'm wanting to create.
_Tourtes  parmeriennes_ (http://www.godecookery.com/goderec/grec69.htm)   or 
the direct link...
I may have use of a standard house oven...my husband says he can get an LP  
conversion kit for the cheap range we have in storage.  I have also been  
offered an LP camp oven.  I'm trying to get information on that oven since  I've 
never used it before.  I have seen them and have commented they might  be 
something nice to have in camp since I have my own army (4 kids) to feed at  any 
given event.  
I've never used dutch ovens, and my camp cooking has been limited over the  
past few years to stove top and grilling.  Baking is something I've wanted  to 
be able to do, but haven't taken the time to figure out.  So now I'm in  need 
of advice.  Do any of you have suggestions on how to pull this off?  

In  Service,

THL Elizabeth Donnan

dictata philologus, factum  captus
(lesson learned, action  taken)

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