[Sca-cooks] Help!!! Camp Ovens

Cindy Renfrow cindy at thousandeggs.com
Wed Jun 20 08:23:40 PDT 2007


Regarding pie shells able to resist transportation…

Elizabeth, have a look at: http://www.thousandeggs.com/gretepye.html  
The dough I used is far heavier and stiffer than ordinary pie dough and 
will hold up well to moulding around a cookie tin. Hint: wrap the 
upside-down tin with greased foil before applying the dough to the 
•outside* of the tin, and don't press it down too tightly. You will be 
baking your "castle" upside down. Heavy cardboard mailing tubes work 
fairly well if you want to make castle towers (if you don't mind the 
smell of cooking cardboard).

After baking, let the dough cool completely before carefully unmolding 
it. Then pop it back in a very slow oven with the door cracked open a 
bit to dry the shell out completely. This may take several on/off 
cycles. During this final phase, you may also glaze and decorate your 
castle walls with seeds, egg yolks, etc.

The filling can be heated & the whole thing assembled on site at the 
last minute. A chef's propane torch can be used to melt the final sugar 
glaze, but be careful.

Regarding your oven dilemma, now is not the time to experiment!  Find a 
friend with a working oven or chat up your local pizzeria owner.

Also, if you haven't seen it already, 
http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD/illusion-fds-msg.html is quite 


Cindy Renfrow

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