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Reminds me of one Event where the Cook was designing a French Feast of the High Middle Ages. The subtlety to introduce the Feast Theme was to be a pie. 

His Majesty suddenly had to go home right after Court, so it was decided to present the pie close to the end of Court.
Always a good idea to give the Herald a heads up when you are doing something like this, but the Cook, didn't.

His Majesty was not a fool. He refused to touch the pie, graciously allowing that the Cook cooked and should be the one to open the pie....
She did.
Out jumped a dozen small frogs. Live. Real. Happy. Active. Frogs.
Without missing a beat, the Herald finished the rest of court from atop a chair, held for her by one of her proteges. 
The look on His Majesty's face was priceless, as the rest of His Entourage, the Prince's entourage and the Baronial Entourage scrambled to catch the Happy Active Jumping frogs and put them back in the pie....


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More live critter fu:
I once borrowed one of Lady Molly's Vietnamese Potbellied Piglets and 
laced him under a covered dish, then presented him to the head table at 
ngels 20th Anniversary.  There he was, munching on the garnish.  "Oh 
ear, underdone pork, ever so bad for the digestion, we'll get you 
omething else your excellency..."
This little piggie got out and ran around on the Santa Anita Race Track 
t another event, which led to his nickname, FAST FOOD.    True story.
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