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HL Elisabeth de Calais asked:
<<<  A group in our area has a very "relaxed" event that allows for  
an "all day feast" situation.  I was wondering if any of you have  
experienced something such as this, what your feelings were about it,  
etc.  >>>

As others have mentioned this sort of feast seems to work better when  
it is coordinated with other events, such that the other events are  
between the courses and not in competition with them. This idea of a  
large feast over a long period interspersed with entertainment is a  
very period concept.

Looking through the FEASTS section of the Florilegium I see a couple  
of files which might be of interest to you:
Good-Fd-Feast-art (26K)  3/30/98    Description of a fancy feast done  
in Lochac.
( I have forgotten how long this feast was dispersed over, but if not  
a complete day, you might at least find some of the things they did  
of interest to you in planning your feast)

Just-a-Feast-art  (32K) 11/ 2/03    “Just a Feast” by Lady Katherine  
Rowberd. An
                                        SCA event organised around  
just a feast.
Medievl-Feasts-art (16K)  2/24/05    "The Medieval Feast - An Event,  
Not Food"
                                        by Mistress Willow de Wisp.
Tavern-Feast-art  (14K)  1/13/99    An all-day tavern-style feast.

These should also give your officers some assurance that such events  
have been held successfully in the SCA before. There may be other  
examples in this same section, but if there are I didn't highlight  
them this way. Using the search engine on the site might turn up  
others, or perhaps other useful ideas that have been done before.

Another way, although not as period, might be to do this as an  
extended length dayboard.

dayboards-msg     (58K)  5/21/06    SCA dayboards, middle-of-the-day  
Daybrd-Advent-art (16K)  8/ 5/02    "Dayboard Adventures" by Jadwiga  
Rus-Vik-daybd-art (10K) 11/27/05    A Russian/Viking dayboard done by  
                                        Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

I hope this helps.

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