[Sca-cooks] Fork garbage

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 17:40:48 PDT 2007

  Please, please forgive, I looked at my sent box yesterday morning and 
thought I didn't send you the message I had cooking on the coals of the 
fork muddle so in the end edited it and resent it essentially I 
unwittingly sent the same message twice.
    As this its something that has been on my mind so much of late the 
family joke has become that when I repeat myself someone grabs the 
uppermost point that triangular point at the bottom of a man's shirt or 
a sweater and wags it back and forth in my face. While doing so he or 
she shouts - I am all ears! (Its our funny, nice way to say Mom or Dad 
or whoever we are, we love you dearly but please you don't repeat that 
story again.) My total apologises to your computer sore eyes. It is 
never my intention to repeat myself to you SCA, my family has enough of 
it as is.
2. Many thanks to you Bear with your contributions David too, you are 
amusing. The subject really has me stuck and I must give a lot of 
thought to it. Now I find it absolutely humorous if we can find that the 
fork had something to do with the schism between to the two churches.  I 
can imagine Pope John Paul getting a great laugh during current 
negotiations but the present old Pope looks so burned out! I would love 
to crack him up!!!

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