[Sca-cooks] Menu for Red Dragon

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Wed Jun 27 20:22:53 PDT 2007

Several months ago, I discussed a menu I proposed from Welserin and Rumpolt.  Our shire had a meeting tonight and accepted the menu.  The biggest comments related to depending too much on a rather iffy oven.  We will cook a couple of dishes in electric roasters and will bake the bread and and torte offsite.  I need to do some test cooking especially the sausage, dumplings, and sauces, but things are looking good.

The event is Red Dragon hosted by Tirnewydd, Midrealm, in Columbus Ohio, on Sept 21-22.
I'm all excited and looking forward to this!  I'd love to hear any comments.


First course:
Bread, flavored butter, and preserves,
Plate of marinated veggies and salad:  boiled eggs (R23), endive (R1), lemons (R27), radish (r44), cukes (r20), red cabbage (r33), cauliflower (r47), beets (R29), asparagus (R15), and such
Laid around the salad: Rinderbraten (R41), Schinken (smoked ham), Liver sausage (W26), cured Salmon, and such

Second course - small roasts:
Homemade Bratwurst (W25)
Roast chicken
Rice in almond milk (r173)
Roast carrots and parsnips (r182, 183)
Mustard, horseradish, and other sauces
Hungarian torte - with many leaves (layers) (R25)

Third course - large roasts:
Fish in rye pastry, shaped like a fish (w64, 65)
Roast Pork
Boiled chard and cheese dumplings (w119)
Vegetable - TBA

Last course:
Fresh and preserved fruit, Nuts, Confits, Pastries

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