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On 6/30/07, norma vieweg <luckycharm6139 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> can someone please ask the owner to delete me from this group. I have done so once and am still recieving mail Tank yOu
> Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:  Stefan wrote:
> > "You can find convection ovens with electric, natural gas, and propane
> > heat sources. All of them use electricity to run the blower motors.
> >
> >
> Food for thought. Here in Chile our lone gas supplier is Argentina.
> Now as it is winter and they are having a severe one plus one of their
> plants is down which is our principal supplier we are rationing our
> heat. Fuel for the car has risen from $2.28 to $2.64 in a matter of
> weeks. We wonder how much we will have gas. Also it seems that
> electricity here is produced thanks to gas around here. I maybe wrong
> here but the other night we had a black out. What do I know?
> When in Israel my companion explained that the heat their homes and
> their water with solar tubes on their roofs. Its been a requirement
> there for builders since heaven knows when but lots and lots of years.
> She explained that that makes their homes more expensive to begin with
> but monthly bills compensate that.
> When I relate that to Chileans they say , 'when are we going to wake
> up and take prevention measures because we are going to run out of gas
> sooner than we think here?'
> Is electricity produced thanks to gas?
> Thinking that a stove can last for 30 years or more. Do we want gas,
> electricity or what?
> We are a long cry from my grandmother from New Haven, Ct. She had
> four stoves between her kitchen and back porch: gas, electric, coal and
> wood - with special types of wood for each food product to be cooked or
> roasted there. Shame to the cook who did not know which was to be cooked
> on each stove and with what type of wood! Grandmama was a gourmet. One
> mistake and cook was fired. Mind you Grandmama kept a staff of nine
> between cook and her chauffeur (it was above her ladyship to drive
> herself)! Mom had one stove, felt lucky to have a cleaning woman once a
> week and drove to all 48 states of the union to know them all! Obviously
> she had to take a plane to the other two.
> Suey
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