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I would have to agree with assigning tables.  That is how I have  handled my 
feasts.  Speak to them as a group before you send them out to  the hall.  
Explain the courtesies of waiting on tables, even for  bevarages.  Explain as 
someone suggested that they check at the end of the  course.  If you have some 
little ones (6-7) pair them up with an older  child.  This way they can still 
experience the serving but more in a  mentored capacity.
In Gleann Abhann many children volunteer on their own.  Sometimes they  are 
encouraged by their parents, but we also have a Page School that requires  
service hours.  This is a simple way for them to gain their service hours  and 
still be in the proximity (sight or sound) of their parents.
And yes, it does give some parents a break, but it also teaches children  
responsibility and service.  It's kind of like me making my older two  children 
make lunch for their younger siblings.  It relieves me of the  burden but at 
the same time it teaches responsibility, cooperation, and a life  lesson of 
providing for themselves and others.
In  Service,

THL Elizabeth Donnan

dictata philologus, factum  captus
(lesson learned, action taken)

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