[Sca-cooks] A Sign Of Global Warming Under The Olive Tree

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 1 07:46:12 PST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 1. März 2007 06:16 schrieb Nick Sasso:
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>> http://www.terradaily.com/reports/A_Sign_Of_Global_Warming.html
>> Britain plants its first olive grove and expects to produce olive oil in
>> seven years.  > > > > >
>> Can one legally have BENEFITS from global warming?  I thought it was all
>> completely catastrophic.

This story broke in the British press last June.  I think it is not so 
much a "benefit" as a quick thinking.  Nobody has asked what kind of 
trees they cut down to make room for these olive trees.  Possibly some 
kind which was affected worst by a lack of freezing, such as apples.  
Adapt or die, on the business level as well as the evolutionary level, I 

The next day's Telegraph details the same grower's other plans, which 
readers of this list might find intriguing:


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