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Ian Kusz sprucebranch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:21:12 PST 2007

You could always do it in reverse (this is rather an extension of someone
else's suggestions); have people call you with allergy/problem info before
the feast, and post the info on known problems on a chalkboard or dry-erase
board in/near the kitchen.  (the steward can inform you a change has been
made to the board, if you're distracted.)  Have people who haven't pre-reged
check the board, and add their particular problems.  If the problem is
already listed, they know the dishes that concern them will be labelled,
already. Then you only need to label those dishes/be concerned about those
problems which are on the board; and you can pre-print most of your warning
labels, and thus have less to do feast-day.  And you could add ingredients
as you liked, provided they weren't on the list (or you'd have to add a
warning to the dish in question).

Does that sound good?

Ian of Oertha

P.S.: I assume you mean the chemical preservatives, when you're asking about
unpronounceable ingredients, and not things like Unelmakaaretorttu, Finnish
Torte, and just about anything else in finnish. (Sweetened Potato casserole
looks like Imelletty Perunalaatikko, which looks fairly
unpronounceable....for those languages that need to "buy a vowel," try
Finnish!  They have plenty and a few to spare.)

On 2/25/07, kimberley lee <pokiekim at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am stewarding my first feast this April.  I've been playing for 8 years
> and am in my third Kingdom to live it.  My question is this:  My Event
> Steward first wanted us to post my recipies.  I talked her out of
> that...then she said that she wanted me to post ALL of my ingredients on the
> website.  I told her that I wasn't sure that I wanted to do that either.  I
> felt that my menu and a link to ask me any question or voice any dietary or
> allergy concerns.  She still wants me to post the ingredient list at the
> event.  She said that she had seen this done in the North all the time.  I
> don't know...I'm a southern girl and have only played in Ansteorra, Glenn
> Ahbann, and Meridies.
> Is this a common practice in the North?
> Should I list even the unpronouncable ingredients?

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