[Sca-cooks] Orange flavored wafers ( was RE: Pomegranate and Onion Juice)

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Sun Mar 4 19:23:18 PST 2007

At 07:17 PM 3/4/2007, you wrote:
>niccolo difrancesco asked me:
><<< What did you decide to use for orange flavoring? >>>
>I couldn't find the orange flower water I thought I might have, so
>when I went to the store I looked through the various flavorings they
>had in their baking section and found "Orange Extract" and "Cinnamon
>Extract" both by McCormick. Both are alcohol based 79% and 51%
>respectively, with  oil of orange or extractives of cinnamon. I have
>no idea how the first compares to Orange Flower water.

Orange flower water tastes _nothing_ like orange or orange juice. It 
is very like rose water, only more 'flowery'. Lacking orange lower 
water, I would substitute rose water.

'Lainie, been there, done that.

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