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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Mar 4 19:38:16 PST 2007

<<< Maybe but the recipe would have to be substantially revised as my  
contains sugar and butter and makes a sweet wafer.
The recipe is posted here--wafers-msg ? 11/13/04
in the Florilegium files.

otsisto wrote:
 > Could you not make a savory pizzelles with the onion juice? >>>

Maybe. There are however medieval wafer recipes, so you don't have to  
alter a period sweet wafer recipe to create a savory wafer. However,  
I tried one of the savory wafer recipes once, and was less than happy  
with the results. This was one with cheese and it tended to ooze  
where it shouldn't and burn and simply be rather messy.

Those might also work with an iron, even one you stick over the fire,  
opened up flat. Put batter on *both* sides of the irons, let it bake  
a little bit, put on a slice of cheese or sprinkle it on, close the  
grill with its two batter disks together with the cheese inside and  
finish baking. I'd have to go re-read the wafer recipes to see if  
this might have been what they had in mind. Simply mixing the cheese  
into the batter didn't work well, at least for me.

Also without the sugar, the wafers tended to be soft or soggy instead  
of crisp.

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