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To a certain extent, I blame pepper intolerance for my first divorce. My ex
was raised by a single mother who cooked by opening cans of stuff and
heating them up. I grew up with cajun, cuban, tex-mex, southeast asian and
Texan influences in my cooking. He considered any time I added anything,
including basic salt and pepper, that I was making it "spicy". I refused to
cook down to him and he eventually began to adapt to flavorful foods and
even some spicy one.

Now, I can't relate to the pepper thing. As stated, I grew up on spicy food
and my family considered me a "wimp" because I actually wanted something to
go with my jalapenos instead of eating them plain. However, what is the deal
with mushrooms? They seem to sneak in everywhere...blech! This isn't a
fad...so I've had to deal with it. It seems that everyone and their brother
thinks that adding mushrooms to something gives it a special ooomph. My
dad's way of dealing with my fungi aversion was to always order one of the
two pizzas our family would get on pizza night as double cheese, double


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> > I totally agree about American restaurant food and I
> >will include a lot of the recipes on the Food Channel.
> i blame it on emeril.  he will take any dish and start
> with his special seasoning.  it seems that it gets to the
> point the with the cajun underbase, it isn't italian,
> hungarian, german or french any more!
> cailte
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