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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 5 15:38:13 PST 2007

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< < < < Speaking of good pizza...

Years ago, somewhere out in Nova Scotia, my husband and I had a "Shrimp
Pizza" that was absolutely to die for.  I have been trying to recreate it
since.  It was large shrimp in some kind of cream sauce and fresh herbs.  I
remember there being any cheese on it and although I tried using an alfredo
sauce for the base, the flavor isn't quite the same.

Is there any chance a Canadian on this list that might have some suggestions
on what I can try to recreate this?

Constanza Marina de Huelva  > > > >

I'd recommend making your sauce a veloute with shrimp stock.  Basically a
roux-thickened shrimp stock made from simmering the shells and heads of the
shrimp.  Heads are great flavour.  Maybe a bouqet garni, and a little
carrot/onion/celery.  Enrich with some heavy cream at the end, and it is
pretty luscious (I use evaorated skim milk to reduce fat).  If you use
smaller shrimp, you'll get tenderer results.  Use a mild grating cheese, or
a very little parmeggiano reggiano.  I would add a little fresh thyme and
maybe sage (all well minced) to the sauce at the end to simply infuse.

I'll ask my pizza conections in Canada what they know of such things.

niccolo difrancesco

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