[Sca-cooks] hate hate hate 'american' restaurant food.

Carole Smith renaissancespirit2 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 22:11:48 PST 2007

Jadwiga's experience has also happend to me.  I hate it when a restaurant doesn't tell you a dish is spicy.  If I see the word "blackened" in a menu I avoid that dish.  A little bit of red or black pepper or wasabi is fine.  Much more and all I can taste is hot.  That's not fun to eat and is actually painful.
  I grew up in the deep South with a Mom who liked flavor but not pepper.  Mom loved using lots of spices, but not the hot ones.  So I am not a particular fan of hot/spicy foods. 
  My spice collection, between the ones for modern cooking and historical, impresses my friends.  That, plus onions, garlic, and other fresh herbs get used in my cooking.  And maybe a little wine ...
  Cordelia Toser

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